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Dancing Philippines!

October 14, 2010 2 comments

Filipinos have always been getting in the world’s limelight for quite a time. And for almost four years now, the dancing Filipinos never got to fail in catching the attention of other races around the globe. Videos are flocking in the internet and these peculiar happenings have been part of the national and even across the sea news. We really get the hang of dancing…even at work. Let’s take a glimpse of the journey of our nation to the fame of dancing.

Not Your Ordinary Inmate

July 2007—The whole world was wowed with a new gimmick from the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center’s prisoners as they dance through the music “Thriller”. The video was uploaded to YouTube where now it has garnered more than 40 million hits. On the same year, December 19, Time Magazine placed the Cebu inmates’ Thriller as 5th in its Top 10 list for the “Most Popular Viral Videos”. Their fame then brought them to the name of “Cebu Dancing Inmates”.

That wasn’t the end of it. Starting April 2008, the dancing inmates performed open for visitors (including tourists) to a variety grooves that of Queen Medley, Grease Lighting and the most popular, Michael Jackson’s music. On the 27th of June 2009, they performed a nine minute and a half routine of choreographed dance moves to famous MJ’s songs. This is a tribute made in action just ten hours after the death of the King of Pop. The experimental exercise routine of the CPDRC has now undoubtedly reached is stardom worldwide.

From Service to Entertainment

October 2009—Amazed passengers continually watched the Negros Navigation Co. porters as they show off their moves in the port of Bacolod. Porters are those who carry your luggage for your convenience in going out of the ship. There is a corresponding fee in carrying your baggage but their dance number doesn’t require for such payment.

The dancing porters have made it to primetime news and blog sites with a very good remark. One said, “For those who would like to travel by ship, try to visit them and see how they perform, they really perform well.” (

Ready to Take Off…to the Dance Floor

October 2010—Tourists are star struck with the pretty Flight Attendants of the Cebu Pacific Air as they conduct the pre-flight seatbelt and life vest demonstration to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.” Only a few days after another viral dance video, the male version of Cebu Pac’s FA’s demonstration was released. Even it gained less popularity than the Female version, it still gave equal entertainment for the passengers.

As the videos become popular, issues also arise with regards to the welfare of the female FAs. The PAL (Philippine Airlines) Union described the new gimmick as “sexist and gender insensitive”. But the Cebu Pacific Air management insisted that this is only a part of the experimental innovation for a more entertaining flight at airline.

In less than two days after it was uploaded in the internet on September 30, the FA’s video has reached over 700, 000 views. Positive reviews and comments from localities and foreigners are palpable in different social networking sites and blogs.

The Government Groove

Just this week, the national news is again contained with another dance video. Another pride from Cebu, they are the dancing tax collectors of the Cebu City treasurer’s office. To strengthen the collection strategy of the office, around 300 Treasury Office Personnel are said to dance to song numbers each day.

Citizens are encouraged to pay taxes on time and with this new strategy, it is expected that the office’s popularity will pull up their collections. It also serves as thanksgiving to those who pay on time.

Modern technology really helped to raise the popularity of the said “dance groups”. Our country that is known to have a variety of colorful traditions, from delicious foods to well-designed clothes, from scenic places to lively fiestas, we can now be called The Dancing Philippines.

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