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GREEN for the GO.

October 16, 2010 Leave a comment

GREEN—the color of nature; the color of heterosexuals; and now, a new color for advocacy.

Milo® has always been a part of Filipinos’ breakfast table for almost 50 years. A product of Nestlé, this brand of chocolate drink has helped millions of children be healthy not only through the nutrients they get from drinking it but also for founding sports clinic and giving out free trainings to deserving kids all over the country.

One nationwide project is the Milo® Little Olympics held annually in chosen parts of the Philippines. Student athletes from different parts of the country take part to experience how it is to compete on big stage through Milo® Little-O. It is a clash of the best “Little Olympians” for elementary and high school champions to determine who deserve to be crowned as the Little O’s Most Outstanding Athletes. Cagayan De Oro is the host for the Milo® Little Olympics 2010.

Milo® Summer Sports Clinic is another annual Milo® project held nationwide. There are 37 clinics in Metro Manila and 26 more in the provinces. It consists of sub-areas that hold trainings and competitions to different sports like taekwondo, chess, volleyball, etc. Some of the clinics are Milo® BEST (Basketball Efficiency and Scientific Training), a basketball training for children; Milo® Checkmate, an annual chess clinic for children and the Milo® Junior Tennis Cup and Workshop, a yearly competition the young people (18 years and below), which offers free clinics for beginners. Most of the programs are with corresponding fee but there are offers for discounts and free trainings for deserving kids.

But the highlight among Milo’s projects this year is the 34th National Milo® Marathon. Since 1974, this has become one of the most awaited big sports events in the country. Runners from all age groups are attracted to participate, even the children. This year, it is empowered with a greater cause.


Passing the dreams... and making it happen.


For every runner who will join, part of the fee for registration will be allotted for their new advocacy. Funds collected from the participants will be used to provide running shoes for children in the selected public schools across the country. The Department of Education will choose schools where the 2010 NMM will be held.

GREEN is again, on the GO. On the go for another cause—the cause to pass to the next generation their advocacy. This is an advocacy—an advocacy that as they provide children running shoes, with it is a hope. It is a hope—a hope that it is the first step to help them realize their true potentials and be the best person that they can be.