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November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

I know I’ve been too frank and true

That I became quite rude to you.

I’ve spoken words that shouldn’t have been said

And given you pain that is hard to mend.


I know I’ve been too paranoid but stiff

That I held on to the thoughts “what if?”.

I’ve done some things that made you rage

But you veiled it all for you to manage



I may have acted more like a kid

That wants several feelings to be hid.

Yet all the care that to you I showed

Are all nothing but my love to owe.



I know I’m not the perfect one

Who can give all your needs and wants.

All I wanted is to give you love

The love that you deserve to have.


Sorry may not be enough to say

To make you decide that you will stay

I am not sure if you will give

An attention for this little piece.


But still I want to give it a try

If you would hear this heart that cries

I want you still in my life

And to let you go never I would desire.


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