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A Wonderful Woman

She’s a short lady with a fair complexion. She’s got a long straight hair that extends up to her waist, has chinky black eyes, a small pointed nose and very attractive lips. She’s certainly beautiful. To be honest, when you hear her speak, you wouldn’t know that she is an intelligent woman, but you will when you listen deeper on what she is saying.

She says she’s not brilliant. During college, she seldom recites on her class and just stays silent during discussions. Now, being a Science professor at a state university, she attends her class on time and gives requirements like any other mentors would do. She knows her mistakes, she admits it. She has a difficulty in using the English language which affects how her students look at her in an intellectual and most of the time humorous manner. She has always been the center of attraction during her class; the students’ “play time” for grammar.

Everytime she commits her mistakes, some of her students list down the grammatical errors. In my seat, I just keep quiet, processing her statements and laughing silently in the end. I’m mean—we all are bad.

And then it came, we faced the “Judgment Day”. She confronted us in a very unoffending manner. I want to clear it out, this isn’t irony. On that same day I realized how intelligent she is. She has so much wisdom in her that I am now fully amazed with her whole personality. She left us with a short yet very strong statement.


Sin started when knowledge was given to Man.

-Prof. Jennelyn Ramos, a very wonderful woman


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