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I know I’ve been too frank and true

That I became quite rude to you.

I’ve spoken words that shouldn’t have been said

And given you pain that is hard to mend.


I know I’ve been too paranoid but stiff

That I held on to the thoughts “what if?”.

I’ve done some things that made you rage

But you veiled it all for you to manage



I may have acted more like a kid

That wants several feelings to be hid.

Yet all the care that to you I showed

Are all nothing but my love to owe.



I know I’m not the perfect one

Who can give all your needs and wants.

All I wanted is to give you love

The love that you deserve to have.


Sorry may not be enough to say

To make you decide that you will stay

I am not sure if you will give

An attention for this little piece.


But still I want to give it a try

If you would hear this heart that cries

I want you still in my life

And to let you go never I would desire.


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Juan vs Juan

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The 100 year cycle has been shortened because of climate change,

Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) General Manager Ed Manda imparted his insight on how Ondoy came to be.

The deadliest among the Philippine storms in 2009, Ondoy killed 240 people, affected 1,872,036 more and damaged P2 billion worth of farm goods and infrastructures as it devastated Metro Manila and surrounding areas. More than 3 million people were affected across Luzon and some areas in Visayas.


We don't want this to happen again.


312 millimeters. The typhoon poured more than a month’s worth of rain fall in just nine hours on the 26th of September last year. It dumped more amount of rainfall than USA’s Hurricane Katrina. It is indeed, the worst tropical storm that our country experienced for the past 90 years.

Internationally Megi. After almost more than a year since Ondoy left the country, another super typhoon is monitored by PAGASA. Typhoon Juan, internationally known as “Megi”, is feared to bring the same effects as that of Ondoy.

Having retained its 140kph sustained winds near its center and 170kph gustiness, Juan was last spotted moving 24kph at 820 kilometers east of Northern Luzon. It has increased its speed by 4kph (previous was 20kph). All the government offices are all prepared for the coming of the said super typhoon.

La Niña. Global warming inevitably takes its part now. The effect of man’s destruction to Mother Nature is palpable at present. One evidence is the change in the Philippine weather systems.

News said that we should expect more strong storms coming until December and Juan is the start of it.

In all fairness, the Filipinos are being more alert when it comes to changes in weather especially this rainy season. It is but sad to face the reality that we need an Ondoy just to wake up our senses to a reality. The reality that we have vastly altered our environment and that we are to take all the consequences for it.

Proper STORAGE: Sauces, Seasonings and Spices.

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1380—The Philippines welcomed the Arab traders who brought with them lots of goods and one of these are the first spices. Filipinos are known for having sweet tooth and for a variety of delicacies found on the different parts of the country. We are fond of making the food that we serve as tasty as it can be.

For centuries, the original Filipino taste is influenced with other cultures, first was the above-mentioned Arabians, then there were the Spanish, the Americans, the Japanese and of course the Chinese. Chinese people have a great contribution in molding the history of the true Pinoy food. One is their sauces and spices.

Black bean, chili paste, chili sauce and hoisin sauce are just few of the Chinese seasonings that we Filipinos are using. But do all of these should be stored in the cupboard? Here are the storage instructions for the main types of sauces and seasonings.

Refrigerator. Sauces that should be put in the refrigerator are the black bean sauce or the tausi, chili paste, chili sauce, hoisin sauce, plum sauce, oyster sauce and the sweet and sour sauce. These should be refrigerated immediately after opening. If not, because of our tropical weather it will have bubbles and mold within two weeks (or less) time. In this case, it shouldn’t be consumed for it will be harmful for the health and bad for the stomach. If refrigerated, oyster sauce can last from 3 to 6 months.

Packed or canned tomato sauce should also be refrigerated or consumed once opened because it can only last for 5 short days. On the other hand, putting soy sauce in the ref helps it to maintain its original taste longer.

Cupboard. Hot chilli oil, rice vinegar, rice wine, dry sherry, sesame oil, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, fish sauce and vinegar can be stored in the cupboard and should be put away from direct sunlight.

Never stock canned sauces and goods may it be on the cupboard or on the ref. Chemicals in the can itself can mix up with the food and may be harmful to one’s health. Instead, transfer the contents to a container (without removing the liquid if it has any) and then put it inside the refrigerator.

So how to check if the seasoning is still good to use?

Aside from the expiration date, check if there are changes on its odor, if it is stronger or smelled like wine, became watery, there are lumps forming, has unpleasant smell and has bubbles or molds in the surface. If some of these signs are present, better not use it anymore.

Now that you have an idea on the proper storage of the given sauces and seasonings, better check your cupboard. You may have put there the oyster sauce a couple of weeks ago. Happy eating! ^_________^

How can Kangkong…

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Water lilies, garbage, janitor fishes, wastes, water spinaches and spills—these are the common settlers of the Philippine rivers nowadays.  These are nothing but pure evidences of how our nature is devastated, by whom? The answer is no one else but by US, humans. Well this is not another pro-nature article. Let’s focus on one of the inhabitants of our dear rivers. The vegetable that made Popeye nearly invincible: spinach. Oh, that’s just his cousin. The real star is Water Spinach.

Locally called as “kangkong”, water spinach, Chinese spinach, water morning glory or swamp cabbage, ipomoea aquatica is a semi-aquatic tropical plant grown as a leaf vegetable. This green can be found in every river where there is a Filipino. In the market, it is sold for a very low price of 5 pesos per bundle. It may be cheap but it’s got lot of health benefits.

  • Hypoglycemic/Anti-Diabetic- an experimental study showed that consumption of shredded, edible and fresh portion of kangkong for one week effectively reduces the fasting blood sugar of Streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
  • Antiproliferative- the ethanol extract of the stems has the highest phenolic compounds and amount of flavonoids. This tends to inhibit cell growth for tumor cells.
  • Diuretic- increases the diuretic activity (elevation of the urination rate) that is useful for treating heart failure, liver cirrhosis, hypertension and certain kidney diseases.
  • Antioxidant- good source of antioxidants that help cells inhibit the oxidation of molecules in the body. These help in treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Vitamins and minerals- good source of iron, calcium, vitamins B and C and amino acids.

In the country, kangkong is prepared by sautéing, boiling with or not with other vegetables or meat and fish. It can also be served raw as salad, glazed with olive oil and topped with nuts. Sometimes, it is also used as an ingredient in the native pickle, atsara (achara).

Different Kangkong preparations


Thai recipe




Fried Kangkong with Belacan



Adobong Kangkong



There are other cheap sources of good nutrition that can be found in your backyards. You only have to research and verify the uses and benefits that can be get from these in-home springs of sustenance.

GREEN for the GO.

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GREEN—the color of nature; the color of heterosexuals; and now, a new color for advocacy.

Milo® has always been a part of Filipinos’ breakfast table for almost 50 years. A product of Nestlé, this brand of chocolate drink has helped millions of children be healthy not only through the nutrients they get from drinking it but also for founding sports clinic and giving out free trainings to deserving kids all over the country.

One nationwide project is the Milo® Little Olympics held annually in chosen parts of the Philippines. Student athletes from different parts of the country take part to experience how it is to compete on big stage through Milo® Little-O. It is a clash of the best “Little Olympians” for elementary and high school champions to determine who deserve to be crowned as the Little O’s Most Outstanding Athletes. Cagayan De Oro is the host for the Milo® Little Olympics 2010.

Milo® Summer Sports Clinic is another annual Milo® project held nationwide. There are 37 clinics in Metro Manila and 26 more in the provinces. It consists of sub-areas that hold trainings and competitions to different sports like taekwondo, chess, volleyball, etc. Some of the clinics are Milo® BEST (Basketball Efficiency and Scientific Training), a basketball training for children; Milo® Checkmate, an annual chess clinic for children and the Milo® Junior Tennis Cup and Workshop, a yearly competition the young people (18 years and below), which offers free clinics for beginners. Most of the programs are with corresponding fee but there are offers for discounts and free trainings for deserving kids.

But the highlight among Milo’s projects this year is the 34th National Milo® Marathon. Since 1974, this has become one of the most awaited big sports events in the country. Runners from all age groups are attracted to participate, even the children. This year, it is empowered with a greater cause.


Passing the dreams... and making it happen.


For every runner who will join, part of the fee for registration will be allotted for their new advocacy. Funds collected from the participants will be used to provide running shoes for children in the selected public schools across the country. The Department of Education will choose schools where the 2010 NMM will be held.

GREEN is again, on the GO. On the go for another cause—the cause to pass to the next generation their advocacy. This is an advocacy—an advocacy that as they provide children running shoes, with it is a hope. It is a hope—a hope that it is the first step to help them realize their true potentials and be the best person that they can be.


A Wonderful Woman

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She’s a short lady with a fair complexion. She’s got a long straight hair that extends up to her waist, has chinky black eyes, a small pointed nose and very attractive lips. She’s certainly beautiful. To be honest, when you hear her speak, you wouldn’t know that she is an intelligent woman, but you will when you listen deeper on what she is saying.

She says she’s not brilliant. During college, she seldom recites on her class and just stays silent during discussions. Now, being a Science professor at a state university, she attends her class on time and gives requirements like any other mentors would do. She knows her mistakes, she admits it. She has a difficulty in using the English language which affects how her students look at her in an intellectual and most of the time humorous manner. She has always been the center of attraction during her class; the students’ “play time” for grammar.

Everytime she commits her mistakes, some of her students list down the grammatical errors. In my seat, I just keep quiet, processing her statements and laughing silently in the end. I’m mean—we all are bad.

And then it came, we faced the “Judgment Day”. She confronted us in a very unoffending manner. I want to clear it out, this isn’t irony. On that same day I realized how intelligent she is. She has so much wisdom in her that I am now fully amazed with her whole personality. She left us with a short yet very strong statement.


Sin started when knowledge was given to Man.

-Prof. Jennelyn Ramos, a very wonderful woman


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On Promos and Promises.

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Networking is “Big Business”


“Do you know where the office of UNO is?”, one stranger asked me when I was on a mall in Quezon City. I was quite rushing for the rest room at that time when he blocked my way. “It was across POEA.”, I answered without looking at him. “Do you know anything about UNO?” Quite irritated, I said “It’s a network marketing!” I walked faster and rebuffed what he has got to say next. “Oh come on, another failed marketing strategy”, I said to myself.

Networking is now a big trend on Filipinos’ livelihood. At first, only beauty products are being sold through this kind of business. But now, as the world changes, their strategy has also taken innovation. Companies tend to offer bigger promos and promises for people to easily believe the brighter future that they are proposing. Well, I’m not generalizing. It’s just that many small-time schemes have been doing all their not-so-legal efforts for their business to be known.

Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation more popular as UNO, is engaged in the distribution of health products and other services. It is known for offering “greater opportunities” to a member who recruits more. UNO is just one of the many network marketing companies that are rapidly arising that present lifetime stability for its members. Avon, Fern C and Living Power Corporation are other few examples of this type of business. I knew it because my mom is a member of the latter three.

All of them promise a better future. Since I was seven years old, Mama is a member of Avon. She always brings me with her whenever there are parties and special occasions conducted by the company. It has been almost twelve long years now. And now that I’m a grown up, I frequently (and jokingly) ask her “Why aren’t we yet so rich, Ma?”.

All of them promise a better future. I’m not saying that we are finding it hard to live by our daily financial life. In fact, we are really living a better life now than before. But the thing is, it is because Papa, Mama and Kuya are really striving hard to make our life more comfortable. I can say that only 5-10% of our family income comes from my mother’s three businesses. It’s a help though. And we are on to supporting her because she really love merchandising and marketing.

All of them promise a better future. But only few will get things to reality. And it doesn’t actually depend on the company itself. We do make our own decisions and take our chosen paths. We live to strategize and try things out. We have the right to make our own future a brighter one.

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